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London Eye Mystery Chapter 27

Sorry it’s been so long! Enjoy Unicorns :)

Mrs Harrison’s - Kaleidoscope Mandala

Art activity set for Wednesday 20th May. Follow the instructions in the video carefully and enjoy lovely Unicorns x

The Day the Crayons Quit 🖍

Unicorns this is for your English on Tuesday. 🦄 Everyone please feel free to listen and enjoy Miss Moore reading this fabulous book!

London Eye Mystery Chapter 26

London Eye Mystery Chapter 25

It’s a longer chapter- enjoy Unicorns

London Eye Mystery Chapter 24 (part 2)

The very end of Chapter 24

London Eye Mystery Chapter 24 (Part 1)

Chapter 24 with the bluebells. Unfortunately, my phone cut out during recording so I shall upload part 2 shortly.

London Eye Mystery Chapter 23

A Hello from Miss Moore and Chapter 23 of ‘The London Eye Mystery’

Message from Mrs Felicetti

I Can Sing a Rainbow

The Wizard and the Hopping Pot read by Ms Wood

A fairy tale from the Harry Potter Collection

Honey Biscuits

A story about Ben and Gran making biscuits and finding out where our food comes from. (Look out for Leo's feet in the video!)

Alphabet Song

Sing a long to the Alphabet song! Support this with some phonics off the phonics play site.

Orla spotted a seal at the beach!

Pixies are better when they are dancing

Juno Measuring

Logan sharing a story with the Pixies

Frida reading a story for the Pixies

Layan reading a story to the Pixies

Casey reading the Pixies a story

Sophie reading the Pixies a story

Sophie's animation of the character from our new book 'Wild'

Casey counting in tens

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Pixies Story time

Juno Planting Seeds

Counting in 2s!

Pixies Rainbow Story

Geography lesson 2: Australia Bush fire video

This video is referenced in your learning.

Fractions - Adding and subtracting mixed numbers